What is Shared Hosting and Why it is Cheap ?

Urban Desi
@ | Posted 22 Sep. 2017

Shared hosting:

  • In such kind of hosting, you request the hosting company to host your domain on a server where other websites are hosted as well.
  • You don’t take any dedicated resources in shared hosting instead you use shared resources.  Along with a shared hosting you need to get a domain name as well.
  • The rates of shared hosting + domain are quite low; you can get a shared hosting in 1500-10000/year INR.
  • If you want to run any heavy website, then the shared hosting won’t be of much use e.g. games, jobs domain, videos etc. the chances of website suspension are more.
  • Google comes on your server to check the website. if the server is poor than it will give a bad impression to Google.
  • If you think that your new venture is getting a good response from the market, then you can change your hosting package and covert to a good package from the same hosting company.
  • Initially the hosting package of 1500-2000 INR is enough to start a new website in order to test whether it can be a success or not?

When you need to go for shared hosting?

  • When you want to make a static website for just a text based solution not a video based of 100 to 200 pages for client.
  • The rates of the shared hosting depend on which company you approach to get that hosting.