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How to decide a website’s domain name?

Urban Desi
@ | Posted 22 Sep. 2017

How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Business and Earning website?

For Business Websites: Usually the companies will prefer their own company name for the domain.

For Earning Websites:

  • A good name will benefit your SEO + user.
  •  If you use a good name then it can sell at good rate later on.
  • The name that you will decide for your earning website must have the potential to perform in Google and must sell in the market.
  • One way to decide a new name and what Google recommends as well is, select a name and share it with 10 to 15 people, if they ask questions on that particular name that what it is about then your name doesn’t has the potential to be a success and if no question come up then it means it has that potential.
  • Names shouldn’t be confusing e.g.,,
  • Only home page doesn’t matter, the inner page names also matter a lot.
  • Google usually guesses by you site’s name that what actually your site is about.
  • We tells you what things you should do before doing SEO and one of them was deciding a good domain name as well.