What are wordpress Plugins and How to install them ?

Urban Desi
@ | Posted 22 Sep. 2017

Such features/softwares which are not in Wordpress by default are called plugins. You can make your website more attractive by adding these plugins, e.g. “contact us” plugin. You can download specific plugins from wordpress repository for free, e.g. adsense plugins for wordpress.

You don’t need to buy plugins as there are a lot of good plugins available for free but you can buy some also.

You will find plugins in zip format and you will upload the zip file, you don’t need to unzip it. Google has also made plugins for Wordpress e.g. adsense for wordpress.

Example:  check “ehow.com”. Open the website and right click on it anywhere and open the coding of the website. You can see the Facebook and twitter plugins entered in that coding. It means that the SEO has been done using Facebook, twitter and Google plus as they have their own traffic which is quite important in doing SEO.