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How to make a blog in static website ?

Urban Desi
@ | Posted 22 Sep. 2017

Making a blog in a Static Website

When a client asks to get traffic to the website through social platforms, then there is no direct option in the website to do such tasks. In order resolve such issues you make a blog inside the main domain i.e. www.abc.com/blog. That will bring you a lot of traffic to your website. Home page usually consists of lesser options, and the blog you create won’t affect the home page.

The blog’s working will be separate but the total traffic that you get will be counted as a whole (main domain + blog). How to make it?

  • You will install Wordpress on the blog.
  • Open CPANEL of the website and log in.
  • Press quick install.
  • When it asks that on which URL you want to install the Wordpress account then install it in www.abc.com/blog.
  • It will generate an admin path, a username and a password.
  • Now all your blog working will be through this method.
  • Link this path of blog with your home page now.
  • Blog that has been created must somehow match in colors with the home page. How to link this blog to your home page?
  • Open your website’s home page in MS expression web. At the end of the home page (in footer) write blog and hyperlink it with the URL of your blog i.e. www.abc.com/blog. Any updates you want to make, post them in the Wordpress blog not the home page. It will automatically link it with home page.