How to Setup Wordpress Website from Scratch

Urban Desi
@ | Posted 22 Sep. 2017

First of all when you have access to the cpanel create a wordpress account. Every hosting has different options with different names. Quick install wordpress etc. Joomla is also a very helpful tool for making the website.

Even when you get a business website you must create an inner blog in that particular website which can help you get the traffic. It is helpful for the social media integration. 

What you need to enter in order to make an account for Wordpress installation via Softaculous

a. Admin email

b. Admin user :- Admin

c. Then press install now

d. Then your website will be install on your account that you gave

e. After that it will give you an Admin path for the browser abc.com/wp-admin , username and  password

f. Use this admin path with the (wp-admin) in the browser

g. Copy the admin username and password

h. You will see a default template on the panel If you want to add a new theme or template on the website:

How to change theme of Wordpress installation

Go to Appearance

then Themes

Add new theme

Browse and upload the zip file of theme already downloaded

Activate it (upload it) (reload the page and see what has been uploaded) Check a website for example: www.beautynama.com In order to edit the top subject panel of the website

you must add:  Posts  Categories  Add new categories

(Enter name in the “add new categories and save”, then see on the right panel and you will see the category that has been recently added. These are the categories that will be the sub categories of the parent category e.g. MS excel is the sub category of the MS office (parent category)) The moment you will enter the articles (content) in the categories you will start seeing the categories in the home page. Whenever you are copying and pasting the articles do copy it first on MS word in order to check any grammatical or spelling mistakes.